Case Study: Nokia Lumia

The Client

Nokia Corporation is the one of the most important communication providers in the world today. Founded in 1865, this Finnish giant does business in 150 countries, with an annual turnover of €12.73 Billion.


In a bid to boost ancillary revenue and make up for sliding turnover from its core operations, Nokia required an outstanding ad space to advertise its flagship Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone. It wanted the target audience to be the domestic/ international fliers, so that The impact and awareness about the various features of the product is narrow-casted to the right audience.


Since the mobile handset industry is highly competitive, Atin OOH suggested that Nokia approach all guest types across the business and budget classes with equal enthusiasm. More importantly, the medium had to be unique and classy.

Considering the diversity of the target group,we decided to not only utilise both business and economy classes, but also suggested a wider ad space that utilises the bulkheads and seatbacks together with an impressive complete exterior aircraft wrap for cross-country display.


With a long list of innovations to its credit, Jet Airways was more than welcoming of our campaign package. It wanted to experiment with the jet airways ads with the aircraft body wrap so that brands could get opportunity to be present where it mattered. Few other things could be as eye catching as an aircraft landing or taking off with a brand advertised across its fuselage. For this reason, Jet Airways allowed the use of both Business and Economy classes for the airline ads. The exterior aircraft wrap design scheme was in line with bulkhead and seatback design schemes.We expected the advertisement totarget around 1.6 Million fliersthrough 18,000 flights, and cover 48 key destinations across India.

Campaign Highlights:
• Jet Airways, India’s premier international Airline and Nokia’s partner unveiled the country’s first aircraft wrap branded with the all-new Nokia Lumia in Mumbai, with the “Amazing Everyday Campaign”.
• Branded entirely in the new Lumia’s colours, this virtual flying billboard ‘ a Jet Airways Boeing 737 ‘ 800 aircraft sported the tile interface of the new Nokia smartphone on its windows, as well as inside the aircraft.
• Among other things, the branding also carried the names of Nokia employees involved this enormous marketing campaign, recognizing their involvementin the Nokia Lumia launch in India.
• Nokia also announced an exciting consumer competition, ‘Spot the Lumia’, where lucky winners got an opportunity to make it to the ‘Sky Party’ on this aircraft.
• To garner complete attention, the campaign was made visible in online and social media platforms as well.
• The success of the program exceeded original expectations by far.
• In a month’s time, the campaigncoveredclose to 1.5 Million miles.
• The product was promoted 32,000 feet and garnered interaction with high net worth captive customers.
• Besides airline advertising the brand enjoyed exclusive media coverage throughNewspapers, TV channels & Social media blogs generating outstanding PR interest.
• Following a very high product recall rate by fliers, thisairline marketing program became a 3 month extended program.

The success of this campaign is in the integration of all the airline properties in their communication and design scheme. In the future, we plan to extend such innovative mediums for specific requirements of our clients.