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Bacardi Limited is the world’s largest privately held, family-owned spirits company. With a portfolio of more than 200 brands, the company recorded sales of US$4.6 billion as per 2014estimate.


The client wanted its award-winning world renowned “Espiritu de Santiago” to become staple with in-flight menus. For this, an extensive Airline marketing campaign was required. Considering the taste of the fliers was as important as the High net worthiness of the target group.


We started with introducing the TG to the product. The idea was to let the fliers take-away the taste of the product in the form of a sample. The idea of trials is always effective as it takes the product close to the consumer. For this, we used the meal tray card sampling inside the aircraft. Besides the airline advertising displayed on the meal tray, we also distributed sachets of the product mix. There were details about the sample sachet usage and features on the in-flight entertainment screens in the Jet Airways flights.

Done at a total investment of USD 25,000 the airline ads, meal tray cards and product mix sachet sample distribution activity took place onboard all Jet Airways flights between India and UK over a period of 1 month. The advertisement covered 63,000 passengers through branding while over 20,000 samples were distributed across various flights.



• 30% of the passengers accepted the sample and carried it back home with them with the intent to try to use the product, which was one of the main objectives.
• The inflight announcement before sampling started, helped spread product awareness among the passengers.
• Passengers connected as they saw the card when they received the meal tray.
• Sampling also secured considerable results in both brand awareness and loyalty.
• About 77% brand recall was generated through Branding and Sampling activity.

The idea was to keep the sampling and advertising exercise in line with the existence perception of Bacardi and its high taste. The idea worked, and the post campaign surveys showed a high recall rate of Espiritu de Santiago by fliers of the business and the economy classes for up to 2 weeks after the campaign.Making it a success for Bacardi and Jet airways ads.